Fortification follow-up: Chile

by Emily Wilson
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QUENTIN JOHNSON'S article on wheat flour fortification states that flour fortification in Chile was issued in 1960. I must inform you that the fortification of wheat flour was issued by the Chilean government on Sept. 10, 1951. The law with the formula was issued on Nov. 30 of the same year.

The formula was: thiamin, 2 mg/kg; riboflavin, 0.60 mg/kg; niacin, 6 mg/kg; iron, 6.12 mg/kg; and calcium, up to 600 mg/kg. Calcium was later excluded from the formula.

With that legislation, Chile became the second country in the world with wheat flour fortification standards, and was the pioneer in Latin America.

After Chile's success in combating nutritional deficiencies, my first priority as president of the Latin American Millers Association was to promote wheat flour fortification. In 1988, I wrote the Lima Declaration, based on a presentation given in Lima, Peru, on milling's role in nutrition, urging millers in each Latin American country to take up the responsibility to seek legislation from their governments to combat malnutrition with the fortification of wheat and corn flour.

Jorge David Lebon

President, Latin American Millers Association

Santiago, Chile