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by Emily Wilson
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Agrex roller mills range from 20 to 120 square meters, producing three flour types as well as bran, fine bran and semolina for pasta. Agrex roller mills also grind other cereals such as rice, oats and rye. For more information, visit



The Agromatic metal detector and separator unit reliably detects iron or non-iron particles from the product stream, up to a maximum capacity of 800 tph. Agromatic also offers the laboratory flour mill AQC 198 and the Granolino whole kernel moisture tester for high precision measuring.



BMH Chronos Richardson introduces Chrono-Tronic PC 555, a reliable and economic control system to improve the milling process. The system uses standard hardware and software and was designed
to be fully user-configurable
and optimized for each mill’s applications.



Breitenbach Trupbach’s self-surfacing grades of mill rolls offer indefinite chill depth, resulting in uniform hardness throughout the cross-section. The rolls automatically adapt to the best-suited roughness. Breitenbach also developed chrome-alloyed Marathon corrugated rolls for extra durability.



Indented separators are used to separate and sort round and long grains from granular materials. Buhler AG developed its indented separator MTRI with capacities up to 32 tph, easy and reliable operation, outstanding separating efficiency, low maintenance and servicing costs and optimal operator safety.



Chopin created the Alveograph 60 years ago and developed the Consistograph to determine water absorbtion of flour during kneading. Its Alveo-Consistograph combination determines water absorbtion, dough mixing properties and rheological test results. Chopin also offers equipment to test the quality of flour, measure starch damage, and test for dough fermentation properties.



Denis manufactures bucket elevators, sweep augers, fans, seed treaters and screw, chain or belt conveyors, as well as specialized equipment for reclaim, discharge and extraction in capacities from 10 to 300 tph. Denis also provides quality assurance for reliable bulk handling and efficient equipment for grain processing.



The newest conveyors from The Essmueller Company include the ET enclosed trough and the patent pending EM (en-masse) conveyor, a version of the ET with attached en-massing sides that can be mounted in a vertical, acute or obtuse angle. The ET and EM conveyors are available in capacities ranging from 1,800 to 1 million bph.



CII Laboratories performs flour, feed and grain quality tests to determine moisture, protein, ash content, Falling Number, fat, total fiber and sugar profile in addition to Farinographs, Alveographs and Amylographs. CII also provides nutritional labeling and inspection sampling and testing of port vessels as well as rapid results of mycotoxin, GMO and amylase tests.



The Sefar Group offers high-quality, precision fabrics made from synthetic monofilament fibers for filtration processes. Sefar’s Filtration Division has offices in Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, North America, the Asia Pacific and Latin America. More information about the company and its products can be found online



InterSystems’ Kleen-Drag conveyor was designed to accommodate the increasing demand for positive clean-out, especially when handling a variety of commodities. Available in capacities up to 12,500 cubic feet per hour, the Kleen-Drag conveyor prevents pockets of material from accumulating. It is available with abrasive-resistant lining.



Air power units from Kice Industries, Inc. feature new positive displacement blowers rated at 15 pounds per square inch gauge with 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-inch line sizes. The air power units also are equipped with Kice Silenzair inlet and outlet silencers, a sanitary welded frame and a relief-valve/check-plate assembly to protect against abnormal operating conditions.



The floor mounted or ceiling suspended Smart Sifter from Norvell Company, Inc. can be custom designed and equipped with the Norvell’s Wildcat sieves, which feature glue-on cloth for improved sanitation and tension, easy-to-remove backwire, aluminum tray construction and Star Pan cleaners.



The RMX rollermill from Ocrim features modular, stainless steel construction, sanitary design, anti-wear and anti-cake roll scrapers, and roll removal in 15 minutes without the need for tools. Ocrim designed the RMX with independent feed assembly, a touch-screen control panel and automated roll gap.



Fundiciones Balaguer, S.A. strives to produce chilled cast iron rolls to satisfy each miller’s needs. Last year, the company reached its maximum production level of 10,000 chilled rolls. Balaguer recently completed construction of its new fluting and roll maintenance workshop, equipped with the latest in fluting technology.



The enclosed Hi Life Conveyor manufactured by Hi Roller Enclosed Belt Conveyors uses a three-piece troughing idler slightly different than conventional idlers. Internal brackets support the idlers, eliminating areas of dust build-up. For extra safety, bearings are kept away from the conveyor’s internal atmosphere.



The merger of Golfetto and Sangati Berga to form GBS Group and collaboration of the two companies’ engineering resources resulted in a new rollermill design. The Synthesis rollermill is designed for improved performance, easy operation, low operating and maintenance costs, easily accessible components and improved sanitation.



Great Western Manufacturing’s Model 611 sifter/screener uses conveying pressure and a gentle, gyratory action to separate product from oversized impurities. The sifter/screener was designed for easier access to the screens to protect workers from moving surfaces while in operation.



Gamet Manufacturing Company’s Apollo truck and rail probes feature a rotating mast with large rotation arc and an extendable boom, enabling samples to be taken from different points in the load. Samples are pneumatically conveyed into a collection receiver.



The Moisture Tester MT-E from Brabender OHG will measure up to 10 samples at one time, with accurate results within 0.1%. An improved drying chamber reduces drying time and automatically re-weighs without previous cooling. A computer records weight, controls re-weighing and displays the water content.



Muhlenchemie produces enzyme complexes, ascorbic acid mixtures, lecithin emulsifiers, baking pre-mixes, bromate replacers, lecithinized wheat gluten and many other flour additives. Muhlenchemie also analyzes flours, provides advisory services to millers and hosts flour improvement seminars.



Codema’s VSH 2096 huller is manufactured for high-quality, cost-effective hulling. Each unit requires only 8 square feet (.7 sq. m) of floor space and has capacities up to 4,500 lbs. per hour. Features include a specially designed impeller for higher efficiency and more uniform hulling and electronic speed control.



Research Products provides flour oxidation and maturing services, essential premium vitamin and mineral premixes, micro-ingredient dispensing systems, analytical laboratory services and a hands-on field service team. The company also manufactures dry additive dispensing systems to accurately feed powders of variable densities and flow characteristics.



The Combi 368 fully automatic, monoblock bagging machine from Paglierani fills open-mouth paper, woven, laminated, polypropylene or polyethylene bags with 10 to 50 kilograms of product, closing the bags with stitching, sealing or hot glue. Paglierani also offers many other packaging and palleting solutions. Learn more at



The VBF series of vertical maize degerming machines from Satake USA produces evenly decorticated and degermed maize at higher yields and capacities from 2 to 7 tph. The degermer’s compact design and low power consumption minimize costs and spatial requirements while allowing easy removal of the two-piece degerming roll.



Cimbria Heid, part of the A/S Cimbria holding company, manufactures indent cylinders for length grading of all granular materials, such as wheat, oats, maize, rice and fine seeds. Depending on the required separation, the kernels may undergo a round or long grain separation. For more information, visit



The Series 40 Direct Drive E.I.D. (Entoleter Infestation Destroyer) from Entoleter processes up to 750 cwt per hour, and provides a 100% kill rate for eggs, larvae and mature infestation with minimal degradation of flour. Blow-through or gravity feed models are available.



Kistler-Morse recently introduced long- and medium-range ultrasonic level transmitters that can be connected to KM’s Orb-Enabled processor unit to maintain bulk inventory logistics. The real-time inventory data benefits both millers and their customers.



The on-line passage control from Vibronet monitors the grinding process. Prefabricated pipes with infrared detectors connected to a PLC are installed for every passage. Sensors constantly check the brightness of the flour and the PLC evaluates the data. When the predefined values are exceeded, an alarm is sounded and the milling process can be quickly adjusted.



The new Rollmatic rollermill designed by Ugur Makina features quick and easy roll change, high capacity and extraction, quiet operation without vibration, low maintenance and working costs and a PLC-controlled feeding system with easy calibration. The Rollmatic helps maintain a standard quality of finished product.



The ZBX packaging system from Wuxi General Corp. of Supply & Marketing is designed for flour and other small granule products to be packaged in pre-formed paper bags. The unit contains an eight-position filling line, a six-position bag closer line, a thermal shrink-wrapper and a PLC control system to control filling up to 15 to 25 bags per minute.



SIMS International manufactures cost-effective grain handling and risk management software packages designed solely for the grain handling, processing and milling industries. SIMS software provides in-bin ambient temperature monitoring and in-line moisture analysis, and its real-time mass-measurement system is 99.5% accurate.



With a unique "one-shot" metal pouring technique, Turner Chilled Rolls produces a homogenous roll that will not laminate and is resistant to stress, deflection and premature failure. Flaking, cracking and crumbler rolls; smooth, micronizing, straight
or spiral flute rolls; and hollow, solid or water-cooled rolls
are all cast at the factory in Ipswich, U.K.



Tapco EuroBuckets, available in polyethylene, nylon and urethane, are designed with thicker walls for strength and long life and with rolled front and side edges to aid bucket filling. The buckets will not spark, a major reason why 90% of buckets used in North America are non-metallic. Tapco stocks a variety of molded EuroBuckets in the U.S. and Europe.



The Grain Flow Balancer SSZ-e from Spomasz stabilizes grain input into the mill stream to maximize mill yields. The balancer features a touch-screen display, remote operation and the ability to connect and control three other flow balancers. Normally installed under silos, the SSZ-e allows permanent control and immediate response to changing properties.



New galvanized steel "Goliath" support towers from Sweet Manufacturing Company feature all-bolted assembly with no field welding required. Goliath towers are available in 8-, 10- and 12-foot square models. Accessories include galvanized stairways with safety railing, slip-resistant stair treads and landings, and full-span service platforms.