Flour improvers

by Emily Wilson
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A new state-of-the-art facility in Wittenburg, Germany, for Muhlenchemie GmbH, produces enzyme complexes, ascorbic acid mixtures, lecithin emulsifiers, baking pre-mixes for ready-mixed flours, bromate replacers, lecithinized wheat gluten and many other flour additives as well as concentrates for making ready-mixed flours. Muhlenchemie also analyzes flours from around the world and provides advisory services to the milling industry from its offices in Ahrensburg, Germany. The company has focused on ensuring that flour qualities have consistent rheological properties. Products for yeast doughs, flour confectionery and pre-mixes for baguettes, sandwich bread, buns, pizza, croissants, donuts, cakes, choux pastry and quark doughs also are available.