Flour improvers designed to maintain quality

by Emily Wilson
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Muehlenchemie GmbH has been involved in the development of flour improvers for more than 70 years. No company in Europe has a longer tradition in supplying mills with active ingredients and additives for milling purposes.

MC flour treatment agents are designed to permit reliable setting of different flour qualities and to maintain them for considerable periods. These flour treatment agents also can meet and overcome any local or regional quality deficits, the most common reason worldwide for lack of flour quality. The concentrations and compositions of all MC flour treatment agents are designed so that the admixtures are complementary.

Muehlenchemie's functions include collecting flour samples worldwide, measuring flour quality in its analytical laboratory, carrying out baking tests in its baking laboratory and recommending flour treatments to attain the highest quality standard.

Muehlenchemie recently completed a new state-of-the-art facility in Wittenburg to produce enzyme complexes, ascorbic aid mixtures, lecithin emulsifiers, baking pre-mixes for ready-mixed flours, bromate replacers, lecithinized wheat gluten and many other flour additives. Construction was completed in May 1998, and production began early in 1999.

Concentrates for making ready-mixed flour were recently added to its product range. Muehlenchemie also analyzes flours from around the world and provides custom solutions to problems.

In conjunction with its sister companies, Stern, Lecithin & Soya and Stern-Enzym, Muehlenchemie can provide bread improvers, flour premixes, tailor-made enzyme preparations and contract production of special blends.

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