Flour improvement seminar series to begin in November

by Emily Wilson
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Mühlenchemie GmbH, Ahrens-burg, Germany, will host a new seminar series, "The principles of flour improvement," at its research and development center starting in November. The seminar series, available in English and German, will review methods and additives for flour standardization as well as special flours and ready mixes by beginning with a morning theory session and an afternoon practical session in the laboratory and the test bakery. Seminar topics will include fundamentals of enzymatic flour treatment, oxidative flour treatment and bromate replacement, emulsifiers for flour treatment, treating flour problems, confectionery flours, flours with additional health benefits and developing ready-to-use flours. For more information on one or more of the seminars, please contact Mrs. Frauke Stoffers by fax at 49-4102- 23-93-23 or by email at fstoffers@muehlenchemie.de.