F.H. Schule Muehlenbau: Improving rice processing

by Chrystal Shannon
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For more than 100 years, F.H. Schule Muehlenbau GmbH has focused on rice milling. Schule’s worldwide experience and intensive research and development at its test facilities in Hamburg, Germany, has helped produce new machinery for hulling, separating and whitening rice. Schule’s technology includes a rubber roll sheller; a high capacity, closed circuit husk separator; a compartment table separator; and the Verticone whitener.

The company provides complete turnkey plants for rice mills, as well as parboiling plants for shelling and decortication of pulses and grain. Schule offers attentive customer service, ISO 9001 manufacturing and international distribution. Schule has offices in The Netherlands, France, Egypt and Spain, as well as agents in many other countries.

Dieselstrasse 5-9

21465 Reinbek, Germany

Tel: 49-40-72771-700

Fax: 49-40-72771-710

E-mail: schule@amandus-kahl-group.de

Internet: www.schulerice.com