FEFAC urges extended ban on animal proteins in feed

by Emily Buckley
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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — The European Compound Feed Manufacturers Federation, FEFAC, is urging the European Commission to extend the ban on animal proteins in feed until July 2005.

Yves Montecot, FEFAC president, said the Commission should use the extension to ac-celerate its rules interpretations, including methods of analysis, as well as research on the links between animal proteins in feed and BSE. FEFAC said the Commission also should use the extension to begin discussions with all interested parties, from farmers to consumers, regarding the safety of feed components from hog and poultry by-products.

"Once these conditions are fulfilled, the animal feed industry will continue its own evaluation of its companies … to audit the technical measures ensuring the safe use of these by-products," FEFAC said. "The producers of processed animal proteins are requested to adopt the same approach … to guarantee the safety of their products to their customers."

FEFAC said the extension would ensure that all new E.U. members apply the same rules before their accession in May 2004.

The feed group also urged the Commission to assure that all meat imports be subjected to the same requirements as meat produced in Europe.

FEFAC represents 15 national feed associations in 14 E.U. member states, along with four associations with observer member status.