FEFAC sets benchmark to harmonize feed safety codes

by Emily Wilson
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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — The European Feed Manufacturers Federation has decided to develop a benchmark standard to establish equivalence between existing national codes for good manufacturing practice.

"We consider this decision as an important step forward for both our industry and FEFAC," said Yves Montecot, the group’s president. "This initiative has benefits for all partners in the feed chain and especially for consumers."

Most of FEFAC’s 15 member associations and four observer members already have established or are in the process of establishing codes of good manufacturing practice based on current FEFAC guidelines. The new benchmark standard is intended to provide a higher level of harmonization among the member codes.

Montecot said the codes and the new benchmark standard represented a major investment in feed safety and in the prevention of future food crises. "We are therefore now anxiously awaiting the E.U. Commission’s proposal for a new E.U. feed hygiene regulation, which will complete the comprehensive feed legislation regarding feed manufacturing," he said.

FEFAC represents associations in 14 E.U. member states and in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland with observer status. E-Archive #52839