Extrusion technology introduced at KIN

by Emily Buckley
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Neumünster, Germany — The KIN food institute can now transform new product ideas into a reality in its own extrusion engineering lab — thanks to consulting and process technology from Buhler.

KIN, the acronym for "Kompetenz in Nahrungsmitteln" (Competence in Foodstuffs), is based in Neumünster, Germany. The institute wants to begin a project to develop the potential for meat, fish, vegetables and other extrusion applications in the food industry.

Collaborating closely with Buhler, KIN held extensive training sessions and product demonstrations at the Buhler extrusion laboratory in Uzwil. Following this, Buhler provided various equipment so that KIN can now develop new product ideas in its own extrusion engineering lab in Germany.

At the center of this new engineering laboratory is the DNDL-44/28D twin-screw laboratory extruder. In addition to the main equip-ment, Buhler also supplied a cooling die for textured products, a slurry addition unit, plus co-extrusion elements.

The facility was dedicated in the summer of 2002 in a ceremony attended by numerous guests from business and politics. It marked not only the launch of this new research project of KIN, but also the starting point for a sound partnership in which Buhler will continue to provide services in the areas of technology, consulting and maintenance.