Expertise in pneumatic conveying systems

by Emily Wilson
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The U.S.-based Neuero Corp. and its sister company, Neuero Industrietechnik, Melle, Germany, are world leaders in the design, engineering and manufacture of pneumatic equipment, ranging from small portable units used in the agriculture industry for grain and flour unloading to large marine applications. The companies have received worldwide recognition for their GSD line of portable unloaders commonly used in lighterage operations and small port facilities. As worldwide grain shipments increased in size, Neuero used its experience to develop the Multiport line of quay-side unloaders. These unloaders are available in mobile and fixed design, in capacities ranging from 150 tonnes per hour to 1,000 tph. Neuero's conveying solutions for pneumatic grain transport include equipment from 20 to 1,000 tph, from barge to post-Panamax ship unloading and loading.