European tech outlook

by Teresa Acklin
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Neuero Industrietechnik

   Buersche Strasse 60

   Postfach 188

   D-49303 Melle


   Phone: 49 54 22 445 95

   Fax: 49 54 22 445 98


   Website: Http:\\

   Neuero provides more than 50 years of experience in grain handling, specializing in pneumatic transport offering a large spectrum of conveying solutions. The manufacturing plants, Neuero Industrietechnik in Melle, Germany, Neuero Corp. in West Chicago, Illinois, U.S. and the technological partner Maquinas Condor in Porto Alegre, Brazil, offer a global service and support network.

   Equipment from 20 to 1,000 tonnes per hour is successfully in operation from standard to customized solutions, from barge to post-Panamax shipunloading and loading. Neuero offers the ideal solution to your grain handling problem.

   The GSD mobile pneumatic equipment gives unloading power in a small size, with capacities up to 150 tph to unload barges and big vessels.

   The Multiport shipunloader with standard capacity of up to 500 tph is available with rubber tires and generator set for operators who do not have a dedicated berth, or on rails interconnected to a dockside conveyor, which brings the best overall efficiency.

   The Combiport combines the Multiport equipment with a loading facility that offers low-dust loading, protecting environmental conditions.

   The mobile dual line unloads with a capacity of 1,000 tph and offers ship loaders integrated on one gantry complete with a separate jib boom of up to seven tonnes lift capability.

   As for integrated solutions, Neuero can design and supply turnkey projects where unloading, loading, conveying, weighing, bagging and storing problems must be solved. International experience, German and American technology at your service.






   Phone: 41 71 955 11 11

   Fax: 41 71 955 37 42

   One of the finest Swiss engineering companies designs and constructs plants and equipment for a large number of industries in the world of food and nonfood. In addition to its headquarters in Uzwil, Switzerland, Buhler worldwide operates 40 affiliates and 80 agencies, plus 10 manufacturing plants.

   Its most important business unit is Grain Milling, with several thousand mills operating around the world with Buhler equipment and technology. It offers a range of services covering the design, supply and construction of entire milling plants, including installations for blending, mixing, storing, bagging and handling of finished products as well as mills for semolina.

   For more than 25 years, Buhler's product range has also comprised all the components needed for proportioning and weighing for a wide variety of materials. Also included are blending and mixing systems for ready mixes; installations for the reception, storage, checking, proportioning, handling, quality assurance and high-precision weighing of all raw materials for the bakery industry; and heat treatment systems for flour, germ and bran.

   Activities furthermore cover plants for the manufacture of animal feed, premixes, pet food, aquafeed and full-fat soya products. Another field is bulk handling and storage equipment for grain, including a very successful line of mechanical and pneumatic shipunloaders.

   The three business units closes associated with the international milling industry together accounted for 45% of consolidated group wide sales of about 1.3 billion Swiss francs (U.S.$912 million). A considerable share of revenues is invested each year in research and development and in training opportunities of customer personnel and continuous education of Buhler specialists throughout the world. Thanks to their closeness to customers and the familiarity with local conditions, the individually designed installation are tailored to the specific market requirements.

   Buhler is fully committed to the milling industry, meaning that quality, performance and operating efficiency at the customer's service are the main objectives of Buhler's business policy.

Favini Impianti SRL

   Via Marconi, 13

   24040 Fornovo S. Giovanni/Bergamo


   Phone: 39 363 337122

   Fax: 39 363 337125

   Since 1960, Favini has been acting in the agricultural and food plant engineering sector.

   Customers' requests have always been carefully valued, and problems have been solved with innovative ideas that have often anticipated the market's evolution.

   Favini is specialized in machines and plant manufacture (conceived and planned for the customer's specific requirements) for cleaning, selection, milling, continuous cooking, flaking, drying and toasting of cereals, legumes, vegetables, aromatic herbs, spices and mushrooms.

   The international experience acquired by Favini guarantees the planning and the realization of plants complying with every technical and economical need of the customer.

   The company structure enables perfect productive flexibility, by guaranteeing excellent service and a cost/performance relationship that is highly competitive in the market. The customer also can take advantage of the technicians experienced in developing basic concepts and supplying turnkey plants.

   The collaboration of the best professional men of the sector, the coordination of a diligent and competent management and the know-how acquired year by year guarantee the greatest care in technical, economical and logistical choices.

   The company has grown thanks to the skill shown in solving customers' problems.

   For 30 years, Favini has been active in the sector, planning innovative and functional solutions, accepting the challenge in solving the customer's problematical situations and showing the validity of choices driven by strong specific knowledge and oriented to simplicity.

   The engineering group's designs are transferred to production departments with procedures that guarantee the realization of extremely reliable plants, certified according to European regulations.

   The choice of components, materials and production methodologies is continually controlled so that the plant can be delivered with the certainty of its perfect functionality.

Satake Corp.

P.O. Box 192-30 Saijo Nishihon-michi9800 Townpark
Bird Hall LaneHigashihiroshima-shiHouston, Texas 77036
Stockport SK3 0RXHiroshima-ken (739)U.S.
United KingdomJapan
Phone: 44 161 428 0428Phone: 81 824 23-3111Phone: 1 713-772-8400
Fax: 44 161 428 1194Fax: 81 824 20-0003Fax: 1-713-772-8484

   Through its commitment to research and development, product quality and customer service, Satake leads the world in rice mill engineering. This same commitment is bringing to the flour milling industry innovative technology and products for the next millennium.

   The new PeriTec System, a revolutionary milling process based on wheat debranning, provides the miller with the opportunity to produce superior products at lower initial investment capital and minimum operating costs.

   It may be, however, that you are geared to more traditional techniques and systems in your milling process. Satake has a wealth of experience in the design of the complete plant, with equipment engineered to the highest standards, and proven around the world.

   Only Satake offers you a choice of milling systems.

   You can choose in the knowledge that everything we do is backed by our international network of group companies, determined to provide total customer satisfaction.

Prive S.A.

   Avenue du General Patton - BP 536

   51010 Chalons-en-Champagne Cedex


   Phone: 33 26 68 66 66

   Fax: 33 26 65 02 71

   For long-term crop protection, Prive: the price of worldwide fame.

   Since the 1950s, Prive S.A. has specialized in round metallic bins with corrugated hot-dip galvanized sheets of high-tensile steel. Corrugation is 104 mm by 12 mm, very flat for unloading grain, and the specification of the steel used is E350.

   All the components are galvanized at 450 grams per square meter for long-term resistance, and bolts and nuts are hot-dip galvanized. Roofs, gantries, access doors and aeration ducts also are available, and computer programs are approved by official bureaus.

   Prive offers a silo range of more than 200 different models, flat or hopper bottom, to fit all needs, for all crops. Unit capacities range up to 10,000 cubic meters and more. Prive also offers fast delivery time and erection on simple concrete slabs and provides references all over the world.

BMH Marine AB

   Box 566

   S-267 25 Bjuv


   Phone: 46 42 858 00

   Fax: 46 42 858 99


   BMH Marine was founded in 1974 to introduce the Siwertell shipunloaders for continuous, environment-friendly operation. To date, 170 units have been selected by customers around the world for use in cargoes like grain, derivatives, fertilizers, cement and coal.

   For grain handling, Euro-Silo NV of Ghent, Belgium, took delivery in 1977-78 of two Siwertell shipunloaders of 700 tonnes per hour each. After 20 years of operation the machines are still working to the full satisfaction of the customer, unloading grain and derivatives such as soy pellets, tapioca, potato chips, as well as parboilded rice. Today, Siwertell grain unloaders can be found in a number of countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. They are of different sizes and capacities, from fully road mobile 200 to 300 tph units for ships and barges up to about 5,000 dwt, to heavy-duty machines with capacities of up to 1,500 tph suitable for vessels up to 120,000 dwt.

   Recent deliveries include road mobile unloaders for Graneros de Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands and for Ahus Hamn & Stuveri in Sweden; a rail-mounted 600 tph shipunloader installed in Buena Ventura for Graneles S.A., Colombia; and a floating grain transshipment terminal at Itacoatiara on the Amazon River, supplied to Hermasa Navegacao da Amazonia S.A., Brazil.

   Available from BMH Marine is a range of products for conveying and handling of grain enabling the supply of complete terminals, including shipunloaders and loaders, chain and belt conveyors, bucket elevators, cleaning and weighing equipment and all other equipment for agribulk handling applications. The equipment and plant design, including full design of electrical and process control systems, is carried out by the in-house design department.

   BMH Marine is part of BMH Division, the materials handling division of Babcock International Group PLC based in the U.K.

Braibanti Golfetto S.p.A.

   Via Temanza 1

   35134 Padova


   Phone: 39 49 8656411

   Fax: 39 49 604185

   By forming a single company, Braibanti Golfetto has optimized and consolidated the experience and potential of all the Group companies. The merger of these cereal based processing companies gives Braibanti Golfetto a leading edge in evolving markets, which more and more require synergy and rationalization.

   Braibanti Golfetto has decided further to expedite the integration of the Group's three main activities, pasta, cereal milling and baking. This follows naturally from the trend of most large food producing companies, which are diversifying their products and, at the same time, restructuring their management systems to reduce overheads and tightening their quality controls.

   Golfetto S.p.A. has been absorbed into the Braibanti Golfetto Group, with its headquarters based at the existing Golfetto premises in Padova. The current trademarks — Braibanti for pasta, Golfetto for cereal milling and Simer for baking — will remain. This policy will result in consistent reduction of corporate overheads, enabling the savings to be directed into technical research, manufacturing improvements, better customer service and an increase in overall competitiveness.

   A current example of this is that all pasta dryers are now manufactured in the facilities of Braibanti Golfetto S.p.A. The innovations in dryer technology and mechanical design have resulted from the close cooperation of the technical department of 80 designers, the research and development center in Rovereto and of the field engineers. The prime aim of the above restructuring is to provide our customers with the highest standards of service and the benefits of continual innovation.

Sangati Berga S.p.A.

   Corso Stati Uniti 7

   35020 Padova


   Phone: 39 49 9800799

   Fax: 39 49 791849

   Telex: 430351 SANGIT 1

   Sangati Berga S.p.A., a worldwide leader in grain milling technologies, originated by the merger between Berga S.p.A. and Sangati S.p.A., combines more than 60 years experience in designing and manufacturing grain handling, storing and processing technology.

   The company offers its highly qualified technical services for a wide range of industrial applications including: grain handling equipment; ship loading and unloading installations; grain elevators; feed mills; premix plants; concentrate mills; cereal and pulses cleaning and sorting installations; coffee cleaning; polishing and sorting plants; blending and mixing plants; grinding plants; extrusion plants for cereals and soybeans; pet food plants; flaking plants and food plants such as flour mills, semolina mills, rye and oats mills; maize mills and grits plants.

   With two modern workshops based in Italy, equipped with the most advanced processing and manufacturing technology such as laser cutting lines, welding robots, computer controlled tool equipment, etc., and two modern engineering departments where experienced and qualified engineers work together on 3D CAD CAM design systems, the company serves its clients located all over the world.

   Recent installations successfully commissioned are:

   •   One mechanical shipunloader for cereals and derivatives with capacity 300 tph to VIMAFLOUR in Vietnam.

   •   Two mobile mechanical shipunloaders for cereals and derivatives with capacity 400 tph to Saudi Arabia.

   •   One mechanical mobile shipunloader for cereals and derivatives with capacity 400 tph to Egypt.

   •   One cleaning and sorting plant for barley, wheat and various pulses with capacity 600 tph to Western Australia.

   •   Five flour mills with various capacities ranging from 100 to 300 tonnes per day to Egypt.

   •   Three flour mills in China, each 200 tonne per day, for Jia Jia Flour Mill, Jiu San Flour Mill and Juhi Flour Mill in China.

   •   Two flour mills to Amber Milling Co., Pennsylvania, U.S.

   •   One turnkey project pet food plant, capacity 10 tph.

   Sangati Berga welcomes your questions and its commercial and engineering departments are looking forward to preparing tailored solutions that will satisfy all your needs with state-of-the-art technology and reliable equipment and machinery, at the most competitive prices.


   Neumuhle 1

   D 35633 Lahnau


   Phone: 49 6441 62031

   Fax: 49 6441 62715

   As the producer of water addition exclusively with vibration, Vibronet damping systems have enjoyed great success in the grain processing industries.

   Dieter Otto Graf, the inventor of the vibration system, has been engaged in the research for shorter temper times since 1992, and for the first time there is a real solution to cereal damping, as the innovative Vibronet system enables grain products to absorb water with more speed, more hygiene and more economy. Vibronet has proved its value in daily production worldwide and is successfully operating in numerous industrial applications. The latest development is a “Two in One” precision water control, a combination of the Vibronet damping system with an automatic on-line moisture unit. To offer all-in-one solutions with advanced technology, Vibronet works closely with a group of different companies and can offer and tender equipment and machines as follows:

   •   Complete Milling Systems: the new compact mill design Challenge 2000, a first class performance mill with latest technology.

   •   Grain conditioning: Thermocabinet for optimum flour temperature.

   •   Quality Management: On-line protein measurement on whole grain, flour colorimeter, on-line pipe weigher.

   We await your inquiry.

Ocrim S.p.A.

   P.O. Box 155

   Via Massarotti, 76

   26100 Cremona


   Phone: 39 372 4011

   Fax: 39 372 412692



   Ocrim S.p.A. is one of the world leaders in the cereals milling processing field. Its activities include design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of electro-mechanical machinery, accessories and electronic equipment for the following complete plants: Pneumatic grain shipunloaders — Grain silos — Wheat flour mills — Durum semolina mills — Flour silo with mixing and packing sections — Maize mills with dry or semi-wet degermination systems for the production of any type of maize grits and flour — mills for soybeans and other cereals and seeds.

    “FROM A SINGLE MACHINE TO A COMPLETE TURNKEY PROJECT.” Ocrim's headquarters has about 400 workers and is located in Cremona, Italy. The facilities include a modern manufacturing plant, research and development department, projects, technical, technological, electrical and automation offices, machinery testing department and marketing and commercial offices.

   Thanks to the gained international technological experience, to the high qualitative standard of its machinery, to the advanced milling technology and to the efficient after sale service, Ocrim has plants supplied in almost every country of the world operating to the owners' complete satisfaction.

   Ocrim guarantees assistance through its own affiliated offices, service centers, agents and representatives all around the world.

   An international milling school owned by Ocrim, situated in Cremona, carries out regularly scheduled courses for mill managers, milling supervisors, cereal chemists and engineers for mechanical, electronic and electrical maintenance.

Yenkar Dis Ticaret A.S.

   Babalik Mah. Kemerli Carsi

   18/201 P.O. Box 38

   Nalcaci, Konya, Turkey

   Phone: 90 332 236 88 14

   Fax: 90 332 236 88 18


   Web site:

   Yenkar Dis Ticaret, A.S. is the main Turkish manufacturer of chill rolls. Our worldwide quality chill rolls are manufactured by using a double layer centrifugal casting system. This casting system provides a strong outside hardness and a long life to the roll. The rods are produced from high quality steel and placed in the rolls by the cold system.

   Rolls are manufactured to international standards and have the high performance, quality and productivity required for your products. Quality control is incorporated into each step of the production line and is assured by using the latest in high technology instruments.

   We export our roll chills to more than 20 countries. Depending on customer requirements, we can deliver semi-finished rolls ready for fluting, as well as fully finished rolls.

   Yenkar constantly strives to improve its products to attain ever-higher product quality and customer service. We are always seeking to perfect our products for you.

Petkus Wutha GmbH

   Eisenacher Strasse 42

   D-99848 Wutha-Farnroda Germany

   Phone: 49 36921/98.0

   Fax: 49 36921/98.333

   Petkus-Wutha is active in two sectors: agroindustrial (with more than 70% of yearly turnover) and environmental. The agroindustrial sector develops, manufactures and markets turnkey plants and/or equipment for handling, drying, storing and processing of grain and seeds, as well as all machines for seed processing plants (cereals, legumes, grass, vegetables, flowers, etc.). The equipment is used in seed selection plants, storing and drying facilities and industrial processing plants.

   Petkus-Wutha recently has expanded its range of products, introducing a new patented system for the construction of silos with rectangular sections. The rectangular bin silos, in nest or bank formation, are highly suitable for storing various types of products in small quantities, and the bins are integrated in the processing cycle.

   The bins are particularly appropriate for flour and feedmills, where continuous mixtures of different product are needed. The bins can be installed in nests or banks in varying quantities according to storage requirements. It is also possible, within the same bank, to install bins with different modules and heights to meet the demands of a particular plant.

   The advantages of Petkus-Wutha square bins include:

   •    optimization of available space;

   •    compact arrangement compared with round silos;

   •    economical transport and erection thanks to the special modular construction of the panels;

   •    construction without welded parts;

   •    flexibility for different solutions;

   •    integration in existing buildings and complexes;

   •    favorable cost by using modern production methods, with savings that significantly increase with a higher number of cells with common walls.

Frame S.p.A.

   Via Bertella, 2

   40064 Ozzano Emilia (Bologna)


   Phone: 39 51 798107

   Fax: 39 51 796300

   Frame S.p.A. designs and manufactures plants and equipment for grain storage, handling, processing and preservation.

   Frame silos, ranging up to 8,000 tonnes capacity, have been designed to meet the customer's requirements for quality, cost and service.

   Frame manufactures a large range of grain handling and processing equipment as belt conveyors, chain conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, pre-cleaners, cleaners and dryers complete with high quality and efficiency and a set of accessories.

   Frame quality system, ISO 9001 certified, guarantees the design, supply, construction and operating efficiency of entire storage plants.

   Every day, directly at your service throughout the world.

Vigan Engineering S.A.

   Rue de L'Industrie, 16

   B-1400 Nivelles, Belgium

   Phone: 32 67 21 51 41

   Fax: 32 67 21 06 17


   Vigan Engineering company is specialized in the complete engineering work, manufacturing, erection, commissioning and after sales services of the full range of shipunloaders and loaders. Vigan offers all types of pneumatic shipunloaders, from 60-tonne mobile shipunloaders to the gantry type NIV with capacities of 1,200 tonnes per hour.

   Vigan also supplies ship loaders, the most recent in operation for CNO, a subsidiary of the BASF company, in Ostend, In ports, Vigan shipunloaders and loaders are easily identifiable by their unique yellow saffron color and their activity at work 24 hours a day in sea, fluvial harbors, local industries' quays and silos in more than 75 countries.

   Vigan is highly rated and has an excellent reputation of high quality, know-how and service to the customer. Vigan has no liabilities and up-to-date worldwide references to be seen in detail by potential clients.

   Vigan shipunloaders are called “the green” because Vigan gives great care and attention to the best ecological solutions for environmental integrity and safety. Vigan backs its range of shipunloaders and services through a complete performance guarantee from greenfield engineering through erection, start-up operation and maintenance. This assurance is a top-to-bottom commitment to end user requirements.

   The pneumatic shipunloaders built by Vigan have patented features to protect grain from breakage during handling.

   Vigen recent referencesx in the handling of delicate cargoes.


   United Stevedoring (Belgium)

   Durban Bulk Shipping (South Africa)

   Associated Mills (Papua New Guinea)

   Goodman Fielder (Solomon Island)


   Stella Artois (Belgium)

   Heineken (the Netherlands)

   Athenian Brewery (Greece) Bavaria Brewery

   (Colombia) Guillermo Sinles Reyes (Canaria Island)

   Standard Flour Mills (Nigeria)

   SOAEM & Camatrans (Cameroon)

   Sobraga (Gabon)

   Georges et Paul Levy (France)

   Brewery of Bangkok (Thailand)


   Interbrew Group (Belgium)

   Cargill & Societe des Malteries d' Alsace (France)

   Heineken Group (Greece)

   Bavaria Company (Colombia)

   Cocoa Beans

   Gerkens Cacao, Cargill (the Netherlands)

   Soybean Meal

   Pup Elewator Ewa (Poland)

   Hanshin Silo (Japan)

   Kamigumi (Japan)

   Zen-Noh Silo (Japan)

   Kanematsu (Japan)


   Archer Daniels Midland (Great Britain)

   Terminal of Szczecin (Poland)

Braime Elevator Components Ltd.

   Braime Elevator Components Ltd.

   Hunslet Road

   Leeds LS10 1JZ

   United Kingdom

   Phone: 44 1132 461800

   Fax: 44 1132 435021

   Braime Elevator Components is a subsidiary of T.F. & J.H. Braime (Holdings) P.L.C. and has specialized in the manufacture of pressed seamless elevator buckets for more than 100 years.

   As a result, Braime offers the largest and most comprehensive elevator bucket range in the world to aid manufacturers and users of bucket elevators and their associated equipment.

   In addition to an unrivaled range of steel, stainless steel, plastic and nylon buckets, the group has built on its reputation by selectively adding electrical controls and safety devices, elevator belting, Imperial and European-style elevator bolts, wear resistant sheeting, couplings for pneumatic systems and forged steel chain — all to the highest international standards.

   This means that customers — who read like a Who's Who in international bulk handling equipment — are offered a single source of supply for all those important closely related components. As a consequence, the company's products can be found in a whole range of market sectors, including grain and cereal handling, animal feed, sugar production, castings, mining and quarrying, glass-making, ceramics and cement.

   Braime employs 150 people at its four-acre Leeds factory in the U.K., where equal emphasis is placed on quality product design, efficient manufacturing methods, a rapid and reliable supply service and technical assistance. A subsidiary in the United States, 4B Elevator Components Ltd., was opened in 1984, and as a result, a number of the group's products including conveyor chains, level controls and hazard monitors now carry the 4B logo and are sold worldwide.

   The French company, Setem, renowned for its development of the high efficiency Starco elevator system, is the leading manufacturer of buckets in France and joined the Group in 1991 to further reinforce the group's worldwide capability.

   Braime, 4B, Setem and agents across the world offer a high level of technical expertise and personal service, backed by modern manufacturing techniques and supported by extensive research and test facilities — all focused on the needs of customers in the specialist field of conveying of bulk granular materials.

Law-Denis Engineering Ltd.

   Millstream Works

   Station Road

   Wickwar, Glos.

   GL 12 8NB

   United Kingdom

   Phone: 44 1508 471750

   Fax: 44 1508 471751

   Law-Denis' SCN range of grain dryers is the focus of our organi-zation. Introducing the continuous mixed flow principle to the U.K. market in the 1970's, Law-Denis has since been regarded as the U.K.'s leading authority on the design, manufacture and supply of continuous grain dryers. To maintain its position as market leaders, the company policy has always been to take into consideration customers' changing requirements.

   This has resulted in standard features such as exhaust silencing, thermal insulation, external plastic coated cladding, 18 color finishes and options of full exhaust filtration, indirect firing, alternative fuels, fire detection systems and hard copy drying printouts.

   In addition to dryers, Law-Denis specializes in the supply of a complete range of associated grain handling equipment including cleaners, graders and storage systems. If required, turnkey services are available worldwide. If you have a drying problem contact the experts — Law-Denis.

Prokop Milling Machines Ltd.

   P.O. Box 155, Palackeho 226

   530 02 Pardubice

   Czech Republic

   Phone: 420 40 6715111, 6715335

   Fax: 420 40 512 752

   The Prokop Co. (1870), a member of AOM, belongs among the most prominent manufacturers of milling machines and equipment in the world. Prokop offers complex services starting with consultations, planning, design, production of machinery and closing with erection and setting of the plant into operation. Considerable attention is paid to the development of new machines that are manufactured in new production facilities.

   •   Complete equipment for reception, preliminary cleaning, storage and treatment of grain; rollermills; sifters; semolina purifiers; and other machines. We offer flour mills with capacity ranging from 12 to 1,000 tonnes per day.

   •   New technological process, PTMT-debranning.

   •   Flour storage and processing technology, equipment for bulk transport of mill products.

   •   Equipment for processing flour and various types of feed plants.

   •   Equipment for mechanical and pneumatical positive and negative pressure systems, handling of loose, gravity flowing materials and aspiration systems for plants.

   •   Steel structures, storage bins and storage halls.

   More than 125-year-old tradition in the production of reliable milling machines supplied worldwide. 1870-1998

Sommer AIS Gmbh

   Holstenstrasse 57-61

   25560 Schenefeld/Itzehoe


   Phone: 49 (0)48 92 80 07-0

   Fax: 49 (0)48 92 81 23


   For more than 20 years, Sommer AIS ‘GmbH has been developing and manufacturing innovative industrial automation solutions.

   One of the highlights from the research and development family is online analysis systems for substance analysis, optoelectronic sorters or quality control systems, and devices are available to meet the requirements of different applications. Monochrome and true color recognition systems are available for the optoelectronic sorters.

   Systems highlights include: Grain size 2 to 8 mm, 4 to 30 mm, 60 to 200 mm, and 100 to 350 mm Sorting of up to 4,000 parts per second Throughputs of 4 to 300 tonnes per hour Successful applications of OptoSort sorting systems include: Food industry — Sorting of grain/black particles, spoiled fruit; Pharmaceutical industry — End control of tablets, shape and size; Lumber industry — Surface control, shape and size; Stones and minerals — Brightness/color/purity; and Metal industry — Sorting of recycling material.

Transformados Metalicos Prado S.A.

   Barrio Trobika, 22

   48100 Munguia (Vizcaya)


   Phone: 34 4 615 60 00

   Fax: 34 4 615 62 04

   Prado, a leading company in the manufacture of silos and grain-handling equipment, has very advanced production facilities with high capacity. Prado's main offices and factory are located in Munguia, next to Bilbao Port; with branch offices in Spain, Germany, Argentina, Mexico and Bolivia, Prado controls a wide network of dealers and agents around the world.

   Prado's manufacturing program includes GB silos with flat bottoms and more than 8,000 tonnes capacity, SOM silos and BOM metal hopper silos. A complete range of standard equipment, including internal conveyors with output of up to 300 tph, also is provided. Other higher capacity equipment is supplied on request.

   Highlights of Prado's production program and services include:

   •   engineering services related to calculation and design    of full plants according to customer's requirements;

   •   manufacture and supply of all silo and plant elements;

   •   erection or erection supervision in every country;

   •   implementation.

   Prado is particularly conscious of quality, so that very distinctive products are obtained.

Sulzer Escher Wyss

   P.O. Box 1380

   D-88103 Lindau


   Phone: 49 8382 706243

   Fax: 49 8382 706410

   The demand for high quality grain products is increasing worldwide. First-class grain quality can only be obtained if the grain is stored in a perfect environment.

   Sulzer Escher Wyss has carried out development work for grain chilling for the past 30 years, with the cooperation of various universities and research centers. The process itself and the name GRANIFRIGOR have a firm position in grain storage.

   The cooling process has proved to be very economical (5 to 8 kwh per tonne), and one-time cooling to about 10° to 15°C is sufficient for long-term storage without the need to re-cool.

   GRANIFRIGOR mobile chilled air units allow for continuous adjustment of relative humidity and temperature, and an accurate control system ensures that these parameters are maintained even at strongly fluctuating ambient conditions.

   GRANIFRIGOR grain chillers are used in more than 50 countries in many different types of climate. Cold storage with GRANIFRIGOR is the most natural way of grain preservation.


   Avenue Louis Denis

   28160 Brou, France

   Phone: 33 2 37 97 66 11

   Fax: 33 2 37 47 07 22

   Denis was founded in 1855 and is located in Beauce, the largest cereals production area in France. An industrial complex of 80,000 square meters houses 220 workers dedicated to satisfying the needs of Denis's customers.

   Denis manufactures mechanical continuous handling, cleaning and selection equipment for bulk solid products. The core of its activities is constituted by cereals production, first processing such as flour milling and animal feed factories, seeds, dry beans, various types of grains and fertilizers. As an exporter to more than 80 countries, Denis is the premier French company in the manufacture of grain cleaning, treating, handling and storage equipment.

   The equipment range comprises traditional machines: belt and bucket, paddle or screw elevators; and screw, chain or belt conveyors. It also includes more technical specialized equipment for the reclaiming, discharge and extraction of various products flowing or not by gravity, out of round cells or flat bottom silos as well as for the selection, pre-cleaning and cleaning by granulometry or gravimetry, or for seed treatment.

   In outputs ranging from a few hundred kilograms up to 300 tonnes per hour, quality, high finishing, simplicity and performance are the strengths of Denis equipment.

Carier Bulk Materials Handling Ltd.

   East Street, Braintree

   Essex CM7 3JL

   United Kingdom

   Phone: 44 1376 321102

   Fax: 44 1376 324540

   Celebrating its 50th anniversary year, Carier Bulk Materials Handling Ltd. is now firmly established as one of Europe's largest manufacturers of mechanical handling, storage and drying equipment for the Cereals and Cereals Processing industries.

   The modern Carier manufacturing plant extends to some 14,000 square meters and utilizes the latest CNC/DNC machine tools, including laser profiling, ensuring that all Carier machines are built to the same exacting quality and performance standards.

   Bucket elevators and chain conveyors operating at up to 500 tonnes per hour are available from Carier, as are various other types of conveyors for cereals including angleveyors, belts and screws. More specialized designs such as twin trace conveyors, milveyors and en masse combined elevator conveyor units for use in the Cereals Processing industries are also manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

   Carier produces an extensive range of rectangular silos and hoppers for feed and flour applications as well as smooth wall round silos for use with non-free flowing products.

   In addition, the Carier mixed flow dryer range includes static batch, recirculating batch and continuous flow versions for both agricultural and commercial applications.

   From single machines to complete cereals storage, handling and drying systems, Carier can provide the answer.