European Tech Outlook: Sefar

by Emily Wilson
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Since 1833, Sefar fabrics have been successfully used in flour milling. Working in close cooperation with machine manufacturers and end users, Sefar has developed its Nytal product range.

A new generation of milling machinery has increased capacity, requiring plansifters to handle more product with the same amount of sifting surface. Shorter milling lines also have resulted in coarser millstock, and gentle cotton pad cleaners are being replaced with more active, abrasive sieve cleaners that can reduce sieve life. In response, Sefar developed the new bolting cloth, the Nytal PA-MF (milling forte), with efficient screening capacity and longer life.

The PA-MF cloth offers a combination of strength and open area, featuring a 70-micron thread diameter, plain weave and moderate abrasion resistance. The PA-MF was designed to be an alternative to Sefar's other cloth options, the normal PA cloths with maximum open area that require gentle cleaners and the PA-XXX cloth with smaller open areas, but designed to withstand intensive cleaners. The PA-MF cloth is available from 100 to 300 micron and 62 inches wide.

Sefar also offers fabrics as roll goods or ready-made covers for all sifting machines used in the flour milling industry as well as a range of accessories, such as stretching equipment, Quicktal adhesive and sieve cleaners.

The Sefar Group, based in Rueschlikon, Switzerland, offers a wide range of high quality, precision fabrics made from synthetic monofilament fibers for screen printing and filtration processes. It also provides complementary products and services to create solutions. Sefar is comprised of two divisions, the Printing Division and the Filtration Division, each of which are integrated business organizations with various offices around the world. The Sefar Filtration Division has offices in Europe, Italy, The Netherlands, North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Sefar uses top-notch technology in its development laboratories, making it possible to test real world applications. Innovation, quality, reliability and partnership are the four key words that represent the Sefar business philosophy.

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