European Tech Outlook: Prado

by Emily Wilson
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Prado Transformados Metalicos S.A. is a leader in the manufacture of silos and grain-handling equipment. Prado silos are available in a variety of models, sizes and features, including flat-bottom GB silos with more than 14,000 tonnes capacity, SOM silos and BOM metal hopper silos. A complete range of standard equipment is available, including internal conveyors with output of up to 300 tph. Higher capacity equipment can be supplied upon request.

Prado can supply everything from a single, limited silo to a complex plant for cereal treatment. The company's involvement in a project begins with design and continues through construction; it can also integrate designs within a larger project. Prado is ISO 9001 certified, and its silos and manufacturing plants meet European specifications.

Prado's production program and services include:

• Engineering related to calculation and design of full plants, according to the customer's requirements.

• Supply of all silo and plant elements.

• Erection or erection supervision in every country.

• Implementation.

Prado is particularly conscious of quality to ensure that very distinctive products are obtained either from considered calculations standards or from manufacturing systems. Because its installations are outdoors, the company is greatly concerned with the surface coatings of materials, supplying high galvanizing of metal sheets as well as painting systems. Prado has specialized facilities for this purpose.

With more than 45 years of experience, Prado can meet any project in every country around the world. Its main offices and factory are located in Munguia, Spain, near Bilbao Port, while a network of dealers and agents are located in branch offices in Spain, Germany, Argentina and Mexico.

Barrio Trobika

48100 Munguia (Vizcaya), Spain

Tel.: 34-94-674-9090

Fax: 34-94-674-9191