European Tech Outlook: Perten

by Emily Wilson
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For over 40 years, Perten Instruments has supplied analytical and quality control instrumentation for the grain, flour, food and feed industries. With headquarters in Sweden; companies in the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong and China; and distributors and representatives in nearly 100 countries, Perten is able to meet the needs of the emerging global economy.

Perten's analysis systems are fast, easy to use and cost efficient. High-quality laboratory mills accurately and consistently prepare samples for NIR, Falling Number and gluten testing. Perten's Falling Number instruments are the world standard for measuring alpha-amylase activity in grain and flour. Its glutomatic analyzers measure gluten content and characterize gluten strength, and the inframatic line of NIR (near infrared) analyzers includes models for both powder and whole grain applications.

Perten supplies ready-made calibrations for many agricultural products for test parameters such as moisture, protein, ash, fiber, oil and fat, and many others. Its Single Kernel Characterization System analyzes single kernel moisture, hardness, weight, length and diameter.

Recently, Perten joined forces with Maztech MicroVision Ltd., Ottawa, Canada, to market Maztech's SPY Grain Grader and SPX Speck Expert. The SPY rapidly measures morphological features of grains and can be calibrated to detect damage and disease such as fusarium head blight and "black tip." The SPX Speck Expert rapidly measures and counts specks in flour, semolina and other ground products.

Perten forms long-term partnerships with customers by providing technical service and training, and offering a complete product range, competitive pricing and problem solving.


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