European Tech Outlook: Law-Denis

by Emily Wilson
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Since introducing the continuous mixed flow principle in the 1970s, Law-Denis has been a leading supplier of continuous grain dryers. Its high-quality grain dryers feature silent exhaust, thermal insulation, indirect firing, choice of burners, alternative fuels and fire detection systems. An exhaust filtration system can be supplied with the grain dryers to conform to specific local environmental regulations.

Law-Denis' full positive exhaust filtration system eliminates dust discharged from grain drying fans. Revolving filter screens in the exhaust plenum are 500 mm deep and have replaceable 100-micron nylon mesh panels mounted on a chain assembly. The system collects dust and light trash with a screen scalper, then uses a fan vacuum to clean the full width of the screen. This dual cleaning process ensures that the complete screen is cleaned every one to two minutes.

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