European Tech Outlook: Fundiciones Balaguer S.A.

by Emily Wilson
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Through continuous research and development, Fundiciones Balaguer S.A. strives to produce cast-iron rolls to satisfy every miller's needs. Last year, the company reached its maximum production level of 10,000 chilled rolls, most destined for flour and feed milling facilities. High quality rolls and a close, cordial service to the customer is what sets Balaguer apart from its competitors.

Its K-12 roll is specially treated and alloyed to create a high-hardness roll that can be easily fluted. The K-12 roll has been tested in Europe and is available worldwide. Fundiciones Balaguer's other roll models include the K-00, K-01 and K-02. Balaguer has received ISO-9002 certification by Bureau Veritas, an international quality certification company, for its rolls used in the milling industry.


P.O. Box 11

Onil, Alicante 03430, Spain

Tel: 34-96-556-4075/4850

Fax: 34-96-556-4966