European Tech Outlook: Cimbria

by Emily Wilson
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A/S Cimbria is internationally renowned for its ability to solve drying, cleaning, handling and storage tasks that require extensive knowledge and technical ability. As Scandinavia's largest specialist manufacturer, Cimbria has manufactured several thousand plants, and many more individual machines, that are in operation around the world in widely differing climates.

Cimbria manufactures machinery for handling all types of grain and seed, powder and bulk handling and vegetable oil processing at its four factories in Denmark as well as its facilities in Germany and in Austria.

The Cimbria product range includes a complete series of grain and seed drying plants, cleaning and sorting systems, grain storage and silos, oilseed processing and rice and feed mills. Cimbria also provides conveying equipment, outloading bellows and systems, temperature measuring, dust control and fully integrated computer solutions and control equipment.

The Cimbria Group, established in 1947, encompasses services for all aspects of the grain storage and handling industry, including project engineering and turnkey developments and construction and equipment services offered around the world. The company employs a highly skilled staff of nearly 600 at its head office in Denmark and through its subsidiaries and branch offices in Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Kenya and the U.S.

The Cimbria Academy in Thisted, Denmark, was established to provide ongoing product development and training philosophy, focusing on generating the greatest possible yield without sacrificing the environment and grain quality. A variety of theoretical and practical classes are taught at the Academy, which is equipped with a complete cleaning and drying plant, with the necessary framework for trials, demonstrations and illustrations.


Cimbria House, Box 40

7700 Thisted, Denmark

Tel: 45-96-17-9000

Fax: 45-96-17-9099