European Tech Outlook: Agrex

by Emily Wilson
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Founded in 1983, Agrex S.p.A. now has two 10,000-square-meter manufacturing facilities that produce compact, horizontal roller mills for the flour milling industry. Continuous investment in technology and human resources and the establishment of after-sales service has enabled Agrex to be competitive in the global marketplace.

Agrex, located in Padova, Italy, exports its mills all over the world.

"The success of these milling plants has really turned upside down the philosophy of traditional grind," the company said. The advantages of the Agrex mill include:

• Overall floor dimensions ranging from 20 to 120 square meters, with a maximum 5 meters in height.

• Different models producing a range of flour types, including 1, 0, 00, bran and fine bran as well as semolina for pasta, and may be adjusted to grind other cereals, such as rice, oats, rye, etc.

• Mills are assembled at the manufacturing facility in seven to 15 days, depending on the model, and are transported by Tir or container.

• Final investment cost is much less than a traditional mill, while producing identical hourly production quantities. Return on capital invested varies, but may be recouped five to 10 times faster than traditional plants.

• Agrex's compact, horizontal mills are ideal for rural or morphologically difficult areas, and can cover the needs of 15 to 150,000 people.

The Agrex short flow mill consists of a cleaning house with separator, aspiration channel, dry stoner, brush machine and conditioning bins with pneumatic conveying systems. The company's expert personnel can assemble and erect the short flow mill in only seven to 15 days. Models ranging from 8 tonnes to 100 tonnes daily capacity are available.

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