Eurogerm: Unique tools for flour and bread improvement

by Chrystal Shannon
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Eurogerm’s main activities are in research, development, formulation and marketing of cereal ingredients, correctors and bread making improvers for millers, bakers and technical applications of cereals.

Eurogerm, located in Saint Apollinaire, France, was created in 1989. Its specialty is the marketing of functional ingredients extracted from cereals. The company’s primary objectives include quality, consistency and traceability.

For its milling customers, Eurogerm will provide the solution to flour quality and consistency problems. The company’s Chronotec analysis of flour is a personalized analysis of flour, including a quality review, physical-chemical values, advice for improvement, and suggested products.

Eurogerm offers custom-made trouble-shooting solutions tailored to your needs.

Eurogerm also tests flour for its bread-making ability. It will find solutions to guarantee optimum crustiness, smoothness and taste.

Specialty bread premixes from Eurogerm offer high-tech solutions, marketing support and a range of more than 50 high-quality premixes.

Eurogerm’s food industry objectives include a guarantee of health and safety and an innovative and technical approach to aromatic, crispy and flavorsome cereals.

Arpèges, Eurogerm’s training institute, covers basic milling, baking techniques and laboratory analysis. Arpèges will help you build a training program to suit your needs. The institute is divided into specialized units, gathering the best engineers and technicians in the field of wheat, flour and bread. Eurogerm is distributed in France, Canada, South America, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy.

ZAC Bois Guillaume 2, rue Champ doré

F 21850 Saint Apolliniaire, France

Tel: 33-3-80-730-777

Fax: 33-380-730-770