EnviroLogix announces aflatoxin test for maize

by Emily Buckley
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PORTLAND, MAINE, U.S. — EnviroLogix has introduced its QuickTox Kit, designed for qualitative field detection of aflatoxin in maize.

Users perform the standard corn extraction and simply drop in a QuickTox strip. No filtration step is necessary. If the sample contains less than 20 ppb of aflatoxin, two lines will develop on the test strip within 2 to 3 minutes. This simple, reliable screening test provides quick results in the field, at the elevator, terminals, processing plants and wherever convenience and speed are critical. Each QuickTox Kit has 50 tests and costs $250.

Other products developed by EnviroLogix include tests for other mycotoxins and biotechnology enhanced Bt corn. EnviroLogix also develops tests under license from Monsanto for other transgenic traits in a number of crops, including Roundup Ready soybeans, maize and cotton. It also manufactures and markets immunoassay test kits for food safety and offers custom antibody and assay development services.