Electronic flow measurer

by Emily Wilson
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The WGA electronic flow measurer from Ocrim S.p.A., Cremona, Italy, was designed to improve performance control in grain processing plants by supplying data necessary for technical and financial management. Hourly capacity, partial totalization and absolute totalization data, in addition to set parameters, are instantly displayed. The flow control version allows local setting of the required capacity, or remote control by means of a digital impulse signal. The electronic control unit guarantees easy, uniform interface with the operator and facilitates integration with automated computer systems, whether they are on serial line or through digital signals. If requested, flow measurers can be supplied with a plant yield-control system, which monitors weight and capacity from each measurer. The flow measurer is available in five models, with capacities ranging from 20 to 176 liters (0.6 to 5 bushels) per dump, with approximately four dumps per minute.