Efficient grain drying

by Emily Wilson
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Berico grain dryers from Behlen Manufacturing Co., Columbus, Nebraska, U.S., were designed for efficient, low-cost performance. Combining optimum air flow to dry grain quickly and lower temperatures to prevent grain damage, Berico dryers result in a finished grain product that is gently and uniformly dried. The dryers' features include (see illustration): 1)all-weather enclosure; 2) a "turn-flo" column that splits and mixes grain flow to deliver uniformly dry grain; 3) a tapered column design for higher air flow and fast surface-moisture removal; 4) woven wire screens for the inner column; 5) a perforated screen on outer grain columns; 6) an in-line, after-fan burner for uniform heating of the air; 7) an adjustable air damper to divide drying and cooling sections; 8) a "Maxi Flow" section recirculating up to two-thirds of all preheated exhaust air; 9) a feed roll pocket; and 10) industrial grade controls. The PLC-based control panels enhance the dryer's user-friendliness.