Draeger Mini-Warn

by Emily Wilson
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The hand-held MiniWarn multi-gas monitoring unit from Draeger Safety, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S., was designed to be low-cost, lightweight and rugged, requiring minimum maintenance. MiniWarn is a portable unit that measures one to four gases in ambient air. It has a three-button key pad, wide sensor selection for detecting numerous types of gases and vapors, and infrared interface for data logging. Industrial Fumigant Company, Olathe, Kansas, U.S., a distributor of the MiniWarn, said the unit can measure phosphine at two levels, displaying the gas values in .01 increments. The sensor ranges to 500 ppm and is unique to the grain and processing industries. The MiniWarn is also capable of monitoring carbon dioxide and chlorine. The unit is currently being used for confined space entry as well as monitoring during phosphine fumigation.