Developing quality milling and grain equipment in the heart of France

by Emily Wilson
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Quality, simplicity and performance are the strengths of Denis' equipment for the milling and grain handling industry.

Founded in 1855, Denis is located in Beauce, 130 kilometers southwest of Paris in the largest cereals manufacturing area in France. An 80,000-square-meter industrial complex employs about 220 workers, and in 1999 produced around 8,000 pieces of equipment.

Denis manufactures mechanical, continuous-handling cleaning and selection equipment for bulk solid products. Its core business is in cereals production processing, including flour milling and animal feed factories, seeds, dry beans and various types of grains and fertilizers.

An exporter to more than 80 countries, Denis is the premier French company in the manufacture of grain cleaning, treating and handling equipment.

Its equipment range is comprised of traditional belt, bucket, paddle or screw elevators and screw, chain or belt conveyors. Denis also produces more technically specialized equipment for the reclaim, discharge and extraction of various products, flowing or not by gravity out of round cells or flat bottom silos, and for the selection, pre-cleaning, and cleaning by granulometry or gravimetry, or seed treatment. Outputs range from a few hundred kilograms per hour up to 300 tonnes per hour.

Denis' equipment is available painted, galvanized or in stainless steel. The painting process involves baking in an oven at 180°C surface temperature.

Avenue Louis Denis
28160 Brou, France
Tel: 33-2-3797-6611
Fax: 33-2-3797-6640