Datafluence vendor managed inventory

by Emily Wilson
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Datafluence vendor managed inventory (VMI) is a complete business-to-business solution for managing bulk inventories and tracking shipments. Designed by Integrated Solutions Group, St. Louis Park, Minnesota, U.S., Datafluence VMI allows vendors to monitor current, forecasted and past inventory levels at customer's sites. Information about current inventory levels and forecasted usage is automatically sent via encrypted e-mail to the vendor, where it is combined with shipment information. Datafluence VMI can be a proactive approach to anticipate customer's needs, which helps vendors manage production and scheduling more efficiently, add value to products and offer better service. The system requires an on-site monitor at the customer's plant and a remote client monitor at the vendor's facility, which allows for transfer of data. The on-site monitor can report inventory data to one or more vendors, and the remote client monitor tracks multiple customers.