Cross-yoke plansifter has many uses in the flour, feed, milling industries

by Emily Wilson
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The cross-yoke plansifter developed in 1988 by Reinhard Rueter can be used as a control sifter for flour loading, with a sieving rate of up to 100 tph; in feedstuff processing; and as a grind sifter in wheat, rye and corn mills.

Most mill ceilings or roof trusses are sturdy enough to support this plansifter.

The new drive, sieve stack and cleaning brushes of the cross-yoke plansifter ensure weight savings of up to 80%. The sieve stack design makes extreme sieve schemes possible. All sieves can be operated either parallel to obtain high throughputs or in series to reach high separation effects.

To date, more than 200 machines have been sold worldwide, the company said.

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