Costato to head European flour exporters

by Emily Wilson
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PARIS — Antonio Costato of Grandi Molini Italiani S.p.A. has been named president of the European Association of Flour Exporters (Euroflour), succeeding Ingrid Kauderer of Meneba Meel B.V., Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who was president the past three years.

Dr. Costato, 39, has been involved in the European exporting milling industry for 16 years. He began his career as an export manager and now is a member of the board of Grandi Molini Italiani, based in Rovigo, Italy.

Euroflour, a consortium involved in formation and implementation of E.U. milling policy, said it was concerned with the decrease in European exports of wheat flour. Euroflour members said they were adjusting to this downward trend by closing production units.