Correction to September Country Focus

by Melissa Alexander
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Dear editor,

I like your magazine and read it with pleasure. One of the best parts is the Country Focus. But there was a big mistake in the article on Turkmenistan in September. With the explanation and data from Turkmenistan, you showed the map of Turkey.

With your readers and Turkish advertisers (like Ugur Machine, Orkimsen, Teta Muhendislik, Yukselis, etc.) in mind, please more be careful.

We also wish you would refer to our country as "Turkiye" instead of Turkey.

Kemal Kemahlioglu

EGE University,

Izmir, Turkey

Editor's reply: We apologize for the error and include here the correct map of Turkmenistan and the surrounding region.

As for the spelling, although locals refer to their country as "Turkiye," we use the conventional form "Turkey" as published in the 2000 World Factbook.