Compact mill

by Emily Wilson
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The OMC S/50 compact mill manufactured by OMAS s.r.l., Padua, Italy, and distributed by Sebatec America Inc., Lenexa, Kansas, U.S., advances the concept of modular milling designs with roller mills and sifters located side by side on a single-level, tubular steel support structure. The OMAS mill has one-third more grinding passages than other short flow mills, resulting in higher extraction, lower ash content and more favorable water absorption properties. The compact mill requires floor space of only 14.5 square meters by 5.5 meters high, and includes a cleaning and conditioning section, separator, destoner, temper bins and a scourer. Precise classification of the product is ensured by a four-section, 22-sieve plansifter. Once on site, the pre-wired mill with an integrated control panel can be installed and running within 20 working days. This versatile mill can flow soft and hard wheat, maize, barley, rye and specialty or organic flours.