Commonly used monoglycerides

by Emily Wilson
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Dear editor,

The article "Principles of Extrusion Technology" by John L. Brent Jr. (see World Grain, May 2000) was very informative and educational. This article explained that for amylose stickiness, monoglycerides are often used. Kindly suggest some most commonly used monoglycerides. Do the selection of these depend on the source of starch?

Dr. A.P. Gandhi

Soybean Processing and Utilization

Centre, Central Institute of Agri-

cultural Engineering, Bhopal, India

Editor's reply: In responding to Dr. Gandhi's question, Dr. Brent cited an anonymous source:

"Monoglycerides high in 12-through 18-carbon, saturated, fatty acids complex well with starch heated with water above about 60° C. Common wheat and corn starches complex with somewhat higher amounts of monoglycerides than potato or cassava starches because those two cereal starches contain more amylose. This difference, however, appears to be of little practical significance."

Dr. Brent added, "Glycerold monostear-ate, at common percentages of 0.75 or 0.5, can be used to control stickiness in corn and wheat products."