Chopin introduces testing products

by Emily Wilson
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VILLENEUVE LA GARENNE, FRANCE — To quickly determine damaged starch levels in flour at the mill and before each use in a baking plant, Chopin has created the SDmatic, which will provide results in less than 10 minutes.

Starch damage is a function of wheat endosperm characteristics and the rolls’ mechanical action. As millers know, bakers are concerned with the level of damaged starch because it controls water absorption and proofing activity. SDmatic’s measurements are processed by computer and can be expressed in UCD, Farrand, Audidier, and AACC units.

Chopin’s Bread Volumeter measures the volume of baked product in bread-making tests based on the of volume of millet seeds (or other equivalent size seeds) displaced during the test. This volume corresponds to the tested bakery product. The Bread Volumeter measures long loaves as well as on round or short loaves due to its two different measuring heads.