Chopin: Specializing in grain and flour quality control

by Chrystal Shannon
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Chopin is part of the Tripette & Renaud group, which after 160 years of experience in a variety of fields, continues to focus on diversity, adaptability and fidelity. Our aim is to provide the best tools for our customers worldwide and the most appropriate and highest performance solutions.

Chopin specializes in quality control for grain and flour, including different control steps, such as milling and determination of moisture content, starch damage content, dough behavior during proofing, rheological properties, water absorption and dough behavior during mixing. Each Chopin device provides a solution for carrying out one or several specific measurements.

Chopin’s products can be found around the world because of its large international distribution network of more than 30 distributors in more than 85 countries.

Professionals working in quality control of grain and flour make up Chopin’s customer base. This includes millers who buy and mill grain; laboratories that are asked to control parameters used to determine quality and characteristics of grains and flours; bakeries that manipulate flour following a constant protocol to maintain the best products; and more.

Chopin maintains contact with its customers through representation at many important meetings worldwide. Chopin also produces an information bulletin, the Chopin Tribune, which is available from its distributors. Technical training for customers and distributors is available, and after-sales service is provided by Chopin.

For more information, visit

Zl du Val de Seine

20 Avenue Marcellin Berthelot

92390 Villeneueve la Garenne, France

Tel: 33-1-41-47-50-88

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