Cereal processing plants installed worldwide

by Emily Wilson
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Ocrim S.p.A. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of electro-mechanical machinery, accessories and electronic equipment for:

 Pneumatic grain shipunloaders.
 Grain silos.
 Wheat flour and durum mills.
 Flour silos with mixing and packing sections.
 Maize mills with dry or semi-wet degermination systems.
 Flour mills for soybeans, cereals and seeds.

The company can successfully complete projects ranging from a single machine to a turnkey plant.

Ocrim's headquarters in Cremona, Italy, employs about 400 workers. The facility includes a modern manufacturing plant; research and development department; project, technical, technological, electrical and automation offices; machinery testing department; and marketing and commercial offices.

Because of its international experience, high-quality machinery standards, advanced milling technology and efficient, after-sale service, Ocrim has supplied plants in almost every country of the world. Ocrim guarantees assistance through its own affiliated offices, service centers, agents and representatives around the world.

Ocrim's international milling school in Cremona offers courses for mill managers, milling supervisors, cereal chemists and engineers for mechanical, electronic and electric maintenance.

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Cremona 26100, Italy
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