Carier: Drying, handling and storage solutions from Carier

by Chrystal Shannon
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Carier Bulk Materials Handling Ltd., established in 1948, built its first continuous flow dryer over 30 years ago. Today, the company is the U.K.’s largest manufacturer of this type of dryer and produces more mixed flow dryers than any other U.K. competitor.

Ruggedly built with heavy gauge steel, the three ranges of dryers produce throughputs from 11 tph to over 80 tph. All models are galvanized and suitable for outdoor applications.

Carier recently launched a new range of continuous flow dryers specifically designed for commercial and farm drying applications. Suitable for malting barley and seed grain, milling wheat, feed grain, oil seeds, maize, pulses and many other granular commodities, the units are engineered and constructed from galvanized steel in sectional form for simple installation both indoor and outdoor. The units are 3.6 meters wide and either single- or double-column construction and achieve outputs of over 80 tph on feed wheat.

The state-of-the-art control panels display the dryer functions on a 17-inch monitor with easy-to-use controls. The PC-based technology allows the dryer to be monitored and adjusted from the farmhouse or even over the Internet.

The dryers use the well tested mixed flow drying principle, passing the grain over multiple triangular tapered lateral ducts through which the hot air is distributed efficiently using less energy. This mixed flow method enables relatively high drying air temperatures to be used without raising grain temperatures to the level at which germination is effected.

The lower sections of the dryer are used to cool the grain, which is then discharged.

In addition to its extensive range of materials handling machinery, Carier also manufactures a selection of pre-store and bulk loading bins, storage silos, hoppers and ancillary equipment. Carier helps the farmer and commercial grain store to invest in grain handling, drying and storage products.

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