Cargill division donates corn milling equipment to Haiti

by Teresa Acklin
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   PETITE RIVIERE DE NIPPE, HAITI — Farmers in the Haitian community of Petite Riviere de Nippe in Port-au-Prince recently received a donation of corn milling equipment from Cargill AgHorizons, Kouts, Indiana, U.S.

   Currently, Haitian farmers do not have the necessary equipment to dry and store grain, forcing the community to choose between using grain quickly or storing it on the ground. This lack of equipment has led to food shortages in recent years.

   The donated corn milling equipment will enable Haitian farmers to dry their corn and store up to 50 tons, and gives farmers the ability to control grain storage and better guard against dramatic price swings, said Jeff Rohling of Cargill AgHorizons.

   The 75-horsepower mill and complex will cover approximately five acres and will be manned by 10 employees. Two mixers and baggers will be located behind the mill for bagging flour and feed; several feed silos for shell corn storage also will be added.

   Prior to the addition of the equipment, all milling in Petite Riviere was by hand and stone, Mr. Rohling said, and grain was transferred in coffee cans to canoes and sailboats to be delivered to neighboring communities.