Cargill and CIT Group test high capacity railcar

by Emily Wilson
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The largest capacity/payload rail car in the industry was tested recently by Cargill Foods and The CIT Group-Rail Resources. The Thrall-built rail car has a 5,660-cubic-foot capacity and 286,000 Gross Rail Limit, and is specially designed for finely divided products such as flour, starch and sugar.

CIT was the first company to purchase the railcar, and Cargill was the first to lease it. The rail car is designed with standardized unloading options and a pressure-differential system that helps to eliminate excessive valves and piping.

In the test, Cargill loaded one of the new rail cars with 185,000 lbs of bulk soft wheat flour at its facility in Saginaw, Texas. The flour was unloaded at Bama Foods, a specialty foods company, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since soft wheat flour is more difficult to work with due to its high moisture content, the TD 5,660 should work with any powdered product, CIT said.