Cargill DCI opens U.K. masa flour plant

by Emily Wilson
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COBHAM, U.K. — Cargill Dry Corn Ingredients (Cargill DCI) state-of-the-art masa flour plant is officially up and running at its Seaforth site in Liverpool, U.K.

The new £3.85 million (U.S.$6.1 million) plant will provide European customers with masa flour, which is a prime ingredient in snack foods, particularly tortilla chips. With the new facility, Cargill DCI says it is able to offer its customers the convenience of a U.K. supplier with the quality assurance capabilities of an internationally recognized food company, providing a product made from European maize.

"This is good news for European masa flour customers," said Rex Winter, president of Cargill’s DCI business, while officially opening the facility in November. "They will continue to benefit from Cargill’s existing expertise in producing high quality masa flour with the advantage of having a European based supplier."

Bill Lee, commercial manager of Cargill DCI at Seaforth, noted that while masa flour traditionally had been imported from the U.S., increasing European Union demand for the product led Cargill to the decision to invest in its existing DCI facility in Liverpool.

"The new plant will be environmentally friendly as it utilizes Cargill-developed U.K./U.S. patented dry technology, which generates no liquid waste and yet produces a comparable, if not superior product to the traditional wet process," Lee said.