Calendar: January to April

by Emily Wilson
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Several major industry events will take place in the first few months of this new year. First up, the U.S. Grains Council’s 42nd annual membership meeting, set for Feb. 3-5 in Dallas, Texas, U.S.

"The recent uncertainty around the world leaves all of us wondering about the potential impact on U.S. agriculture and world grain trade," said Ellen Dougherty, the Council’s director of communications. The membership meeting will help shed some light on the situation, she added.

Clayton Yeutter, former U.S. Agriculture Secretary and U.S. Trade Representative, will offer his perspective at the opening general session on Monday morning, Feb. 4.

At the meeting, the Council also will present its biannual "demand model" — a 10-year outlook for world grain supply, demand and trade.

The Grain Elevator and Processing Society’s "Exchange 2002," the group’s 73rd conference and trade show, will be held March 3-5 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Pre-conference activities on March 2 include a tour of two of Vancouver’s export grain terminals and a workshop on grain grading equipment. The conference will begin March 3 with the Idea Exchange and the opening of the trade show, which continues through March 5. Educational sessions on March 4-5 will cover a variety of operations and management topics.

Flour millers and feed millers should note the Association of Operative Millers’ 106th annual technical conference and trade show May 4-8 in St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S., and the American Feed Industry Association’s convention in Reno, Nevada, U.S., May 20-22.

Jan. 17

HACCP: The Basics for Flour Millers

and Bakers

Campden and Chorleywood Food

Research Association, Campden, U.K.

Contact: CCFRA Training Department.

Tel: 44.(0)1386.842104.



Jan. 27-Feb. 1

Practical Short Course on

Feeds and Pet Food Extrusion

Texas A&M University,

College Station, Texas, U.S.

Contact: Mian N. Riaz, Food Protein R&D

Center, Texas A&M University, College

Station, Texas. Tel: 979.845.2774. Fax:

979.458.0019. E-mail:


Jan. 30-31 & Feb. 1

Victam Asia and Feed Ingredients

& Grain Processing Asia 2002

Bangkok, Thailand

Contact: Victam International, Nijkerk,

The Netherlands. Tel:




Feb. 2-4

Show Rural Coopavel

(Grain Handling Operations)

Cascavel, Parana, Brazil

Contact: Cooperativa Agropecuaria

Cascavel Ltda.



Feb. 3-5

U.S. Grains Council’s

Annual Membership Meeting

Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Contact: USGC, Washington, D.C.

Tel: 202.789.0789. Fax: 202.898.0522.



Feb. 12-15

Cereals-Mixed Feed 2002

Trade Fair & International Conference

Moscow, Russia

Tel: 7.095.755.5035. Fax: 7.095.755.6769.




Feb. 20-21

Methyl Bromide Alternatives

Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.

Contact: Insects Limited, Inc.

Tel: 317.896.9300.



Feb. 21-23

Commodity Classic

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.

Contact: (U.S.) National Corn Growers

Association. Tel: 636-928-3700.


Feb. 25-26

Principles of Warehouse Sanitation

Manhattan, Kansas, U.S.

Contact: American Institute of Baking.

Tel: 785-537-4750. Fax: 785-537-1493.



Feb. 28-March 2

AFIA/AGRO de las Americas

Jalisco, Mexico

Contact: International Trade Information, Inc.

Tel: 818.591.2255. Fax: 818.591.2289.



March 2-5

GEAPS Exchange 2002

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Contact: Grain Elevator and Processing

Society, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.

Tel: 612.339.4625. Fax: 612.339.4644.



March 6-9

AFIA Purchasing Ingredient

Suppliers Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

Contact: American Feed Industry Association,

Arlington, Virginia, U.S. Tel: 703.524.0810.

Fax: 703-524-1921. E-mail:


March 8

Quality Assurance at Grain Intake Points

Campden and Chorleywood Food

Research Association, Campden, U.K.

Contact: CCFRA Training Department.

Tel: 44.(0)1386.842104.



March 21-24

Foodtech Istanbul 2002:

Bridging Food Sectors

Istanbul, Turkey

Contact: Jaarbeurs Exhibitions & Media.

Tel: 31.302.955777. Fax: 31.302.955585.



April 15-26

Grain Purchasing Short Course

Kansas State University,

Manhattan, Kansas U.S.

Contact: International Grains Program,

Manhattan, Kansas, U.S. Tel: 785.532.4070.

Fax: 785.532.6080. E-mail:


April 23-25

Food Safety in Feed Manufacturing

Northern Crops Institute, Fargo,

North Dakota, U.S.

Contact: Northern Crops Institute.

Tel: 701.231.7776. Fax: 701-231.7235.



April 24-26

Victam China & VIV China

Beijing, China

Contact: Victam International, Nijkerk,

The Netherlands. Tel: