CETEC to represent Imeco Automazioni in North America

by Emily Wilson
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Cereal Technologies, Inc. (CETEC) was recently appointed the exclusive North American representative for Imeco Automazioni.

Imeco, based in Cremona, Italy, designs and manufactures a compete range of weighing and packing equipment for the flour milling and associated industries. Imeco's key products include electronic flow meters, twin hopper scales, tubular scales, loss-in-weight scales, yield management systems, automatic grain tempering systems, continuous on-line flour blending systems, manual packing systems, and fully automatic, high-speed carousel packing systems.

Imeco's newest product, the Amigo, is a fully automatic robot sampling system, capable of remotely opening a roller mill door, extracting a sample, analyzing the product for a range of parameters including granulation, ash, protein and moisture, and communicating the results to the mill's central control system.

CETEC, based in Millersville, will provide sales, engineering and after sales support to Imeco's entire product range in North America. Recent installations of Imeco equipment were made in Wisconsin, Iowa and North Dakota.