Bunting acquires metal detecting, separating distributor

by Emily Wilson
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NEWTON, KANSAS, U.S. — Bunting Magnetics Co. has purchased the assets of Millenium Industries, Inc., Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S., a nationwide sales and service provider of metal detection and separation equipment for the milling and grain industry.

With the purchase of Millenium, Bunting becomes the exclusive North American sales and service agent for the German-made Mesutronic and Homas lines of metal detection and separation equipment.

Paul Hueter, who founded Millenium in 1994, will join Bunting as technical support manager and will run the reconfigured Allentown office. He will be involved in internal training and product evaluation and testing.

Bunting has supplied magnets and magnet-based equipment to the industry since 1959. The electronic machines are designed to detect and automatically purge metals from free-flowing and conveyed bulk materials, including grains, cereals, granulates, flakes, pellets, feeds and similar materials.