Bulk outloading weigher installed at U.K. feed mill

by Teresa Acklin
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   BURTON-ON-TRENT, STAFFORDSHIRE, U.K. — The Clarence Street Mill of George L. White Ltd. in Burton-on-Trent recently was equipped with a new bulk outloading weigher manufactured by Chronos Richardson Ltd., Nottingham, U.K.

   The equipment was installed in place of a volumetric filling hopper. The new AV/VW weigher, used in combination with a Bulktronic 7 weights and measures approved controller, is capable of outputs of up to 70 tonnes per hour.

   Previously, product was stored in 12 feed bins and released via a drag link conveyor into the appropriate compartment of the lorry. In order to fill each compartment to the target weight, the lorry driver had to make frequent trips to the weighbridge.

   The new weighing system eliminates the need for trips to the weighbridge, Chronos Richardson said. The Bulktronic controller is capable of storing transaction information, including bulk density, material in flight, bin allocation and outloading data for up to 64 materials.