Buhler renames storage system unit

by Emily Buckley
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UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Buhler AG has renamed its Port Teminals and Storage Systems unit to the more encompassing, "Grain Handing" unit. Hans-Peter Altherr has been named the unit’s new manager.

"The new name indicates that we are focusing on the specific needs of the food and feed industries," Altherr explained. "Grain Handling is more than just efficient materials handling. It involves everything related to the grain logistics of a high-capacity handling system, concurrent operations and the traffic flows of incoming and outgoing materials."

Because this new unit will be embedded in the Grain Processing Division, Altherr believes this move will greatly benefit customers. In complex projects with a high sanitation standard, customers want a partner to discuss the entire facility concept and offer solutions to meet their specific needs, he said.

"As a result of market liberalization, our customers increasingly include large global corporations, grain traders, cooperatives, but also local businesses," he added. "Often, such customers will later on expand into the processing industry, thereby closing the circle within our division."

Altherr sees the grain handling’s largest potential in an increase of cereal grain and seed trading. He also sees a large potential in emerging countries and in countries facing logistical problems. "Worldwide, millions of tonnes of grain are still spoiled due to improper storage," he said.

"A minister once told us that his country was losing about ten percent of its grain annually to insects and rats. In these situations, grain storage and handling projects not only save money, but also generate a respectable return on investment."