Buhler installs Turkey's first turnkey rice mill

by Emily Wilson
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ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Göze, Inc., a rice processing company that produces 15% of the rice consumed annually in Turkey, recently built a new rice mill in Gebze-Dilovasi, 50 kilometers from Istanbul and 2 km from the seaport through which paddy rice is imported.

Annual output totals 70,000 tonnes of rice, 7,000 tonnes of brokens and 8,000 tonnes of bran.

The mill was designed and equipped by Buhler AG, Uzwil, Switzerland.

According to Yasar Ökten, one of the owners of Göze, the new turnkey facility enables Göze to supply Turkey with paddy, while keeping the rice groats, bran and hulls inside the country.

The raw rice is imported from the United States, Egypt, Australia and other countries or purchased from local production centers.

The rice mill, built on two levels, has a proven flow chart design, Buhler said. Precleaned paddy is fed by a flow controller to the cleaning section, which includes a classifier, destoner and magnetic separator. Hulling is done by four rubber roll hullers with husk separators. Two table separators remove the paddy from the brown rice and two drum graders separate the green kernels.

Whitening is done in two passes and one water polishing pass. A brightness controller checks the whiteness of the polished rice.

Tips, brokens and head rice are separated by plansifters and an indented cylinder. The brokens and head rice are blended in the correct proportions.

The rice then passes through two color sorters and oiled with sunflower oil. A bagging station packs the finished rice into 50-kilogram bags.

The entire mill is controlled by a programmable logic controller and monitored through a computer.

Buhler said that since start-up, the plant has achieved continuously high yields with consistent end-product quality.