Buhler helps upgrade and expand Taiwan's flour mills

by Teresa Acklin
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   Taiwan's flour millers are renovating, upgrading and expanding their operations in anticipation of the lifting of wheat import controls and quotas that have constrained production (see article on page 12). An indication of the expansion and renovation under way recently was provided in an article in Diagram, a publication of Buhler Ltd., Uzwil, Switzerland. The article's author, Paul Werner Ruthemann, described his company's activities in Taiwan in the 1986-90 period. These activities include building or expanding the following mills:

   Chia Fha Enterprises Co. Ltd., Ching Shui, Taichung Hsien. In 1987, Chia Fha commissioned Buhler to increase the capacity of its existing flour mill to 310 tonnes per 24-hour day from 210 tonnes.

   Tung Yang Business Co. Ltd., Wu Jih, Taichung Hsien. Buhler in 1988 rebuilt and expanded the capacity of the Tung Yang flour mill. Capacity was increased to 240 tonnes per day.

   President Enterprises Corp., Yung Kang, Tainan Hsien. President Enterprises commissioned Buhler to remodel its Yung Kang mill. The facility's capacity was increased to 360 tonnes per day.

   Chin Tai Chen Flour Mill Co. Ltd., Taichung. In the late 1960s, Chin Tai Chen purchased a Buhler flour mill with a capacity of 90 tonnes per day. In 1987, the company ordered from Buhler a new flour mill with a capacity of 200 tonnes per day. The plant went into operation in December 1988.

   Chiao Thai Hsing Enterprise Co. Ltd., Nankang, Taipei. A complete remodeling of the existing flour mill allowed a capacity increase to 300 tonnes per day from 160 tonnes. The remodeled plant became operational at the end of 1987.

   Ta Fong Flour Mill Co. Ltd., Taichung. In 1987, Ta Fong had Buhler rebuild its Taichung flour mill and increase its capacity to 200 tonnes per day.

   Tung Sheng Agricultural Products Industry Co. Ltd., Chia Yi. In the mid-1970s, Tung Sheng dedicated a 100-tonne-per-day flour mill built by Buhler. In 1987, the capacity of the plant was increased to 175 tonnes per day by the purchase of additional Buhler equipment.

   Formosa Oilseed Processing Co. Ltd., Ta Tu, Taichung Hsien. Formosa Oilseed has been operating a Buhler flour mill since the early 1970s. In 1988, Buhler remodeled the mill, increasing its capacity to 340 tonnes per day.

   Tai Cheng Flour Mill Co. Ltd., Kaohsiung. In the late 1960s, Tai Cheng opened a Buhler flour mill with a capacity of 80 tonnes per day. In 1982, Tai Cheng had Buhler increase the plant's capacity to 150 tonnes per day.

   A new order was awarded by Tai Cheng in 1988. Buhler supplied a 200 tonne-per-day flour mill with the cleaning section, grinding system and finished products storage facility. The plant started production in April 1990.

   Thai Ho Flour Mill Co. Ltd., Ta Tu, Taichung Hsien. In the early 1980s, Thai Ho ordered a 175-tonne-per-day flour mill including the finished products section and a MWPK bagging system. This marked the first time that Airtronic MDDK roller mills were supplied to Taiwan. The capacity of the mill has been increased twice, and is now 350 tonnes per day.

   Hung Hsing Flour Mill Co. Ltd., Ta Tu, Taichung Hsien. Buhler supplied Hung Hsing all the wheat cleaning, grinding and finished products storage equipment for a 400-tonne-per-day mill.

   Hong Ming Enterprise Corp., Tainan. In the early 1970s, Buhler supplied Hong Ming a flour mill with a capacity of 150 tonnes per day. In 1988, an additional Buhler milling line was supplied with a capacity of 170 tonnes per day.

   Tung Jung Flour Mill Co. Ltd., Hsi Hu, Changhua. In 1987, Buhler provided Tung Jung with a new flour mill.

   Lien Hwa Industrial Corp., Taipei. Lien Hwa purchased its first Buhler flour mill in the mid 1960s. The capacity of the mill was increased to 250 tonnes per day in 1975. In 1987, Lien Hwa selected Buhler to supply a new flour mill with a capacity of 320 tonnes per day.

   Tai Yu Products Corp., Feng San, Kaohsiung. When Tai Yu rebuilt its flour mill in 1978, it purchased the main equipment from Buhler. Additional machines subsequently were purchased from Buhler to increase capacity. The most recent purchase, in 1989, increased the mill's capacity to 310 tonnes per day.

   Kou Feng Industrial Co. Ltd., Taipei. In late 1987, Buhler was awarded a contract by Kou Feng to supply a new 310-tonne-per-day flour mill.