UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Buhler AG recently appointed Magnus Baumann the new director of grain processing at Buhler, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. In addition to flour milling, he will be in charge of rice milling, brewing and feed milling in North America. The added responsibilities are related to a corporate reorganization begun more than two years ago at Buhler.

In his new position, Baumann replaces Albert Soder, who is retiring following more than 40 years at Buhler. Under Soder, Buhler enjoyed a wave of major building projects that was unprecedented in the history of U.S. milling.

Baumann said he is confident that the milling industry will make further investments in coming years. "There are still old mills in the United States which need to be modernized in order to be competitive," he said. "The market demands for quality, and product safety increases constantly, which necessitates that the milling industry implement new technology."

A number of experiences brought Baumann to this top position in Buhler’s worldwide milling operations. Beginning as a millwright in a four-year Buhler program, Baumann’s training covered equipment within the broad range of Buhler divisions. On-the-job training and experience include significant amounts of time working on facility projects in Europe, Saudi Arabia and East Africa. In the meantime, Baumann also earned a business administration degree.

Buhler’s North American Division is the second largest subsidiary of the Buhler group, exceeded only by the German-based group.

"Even though my career has been marked by a number of different assignments in various countries, I intend to stay in the United States for many years," Baumann said. Many members of Buhler’s Minneapolis staff have careers spanning decades. "We want a team approach, and we have great people on the staff," Mr. Baumann said.

Elaborating on the changes taking place at Buhler in Minneapolis, Baumann said efforts are being made to reinforce sales and service and further improve the company’s ability to be responsive to customers. "New technology is our focus, and we still invest in research and development," he said.

Recent and upcoming innovations revolve around tempering and cleaning of cereals as well as implementing novel solutions in the grinding process, Baumann said. "We are very committed to milling, and we want to be a step ahead."