Buhler Brazil elected supplier of the year

by Emily Wilson
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UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — Buhler Brazil was named supplier of the year by pasta producers at the annual meeting of the Brazilian pasta producers association, ABIMA. The award recognized the activities of the Buhler office in São Paulo and its technological contributions to the Brazilian pasta sector. Aluíso Quintanilha, the president of ABIMA, presented the award to Stefan Widmann, the general manager of Buhler Brazil.

Nearly 160 participants attended the seventh ABIMA. They included management members from various associations such as the UNIPI, pasta association of Italy; Avepastas, the pasta association of Venezuela; ABRAS, a supermarket association of Brazil; and ABITRIGO, the wheat association of Brazil; and Brazilian pasta producers.

Participants also came from other South American countries. Pasta equipment manufacturers set up small booths in the business center to entertain customers. Buhler both exhibited and presented a number of specialist papers.

Stefan Widmann was greatly satisfied with the conference. "We were able to deepen our relationships with the participants in an informal setting," he said. "And the lively exchange of information that takes place at such meetings offers us an insight into and a better overview of the Brazilian market in which we are active."