Budapest prepares for East-West feed conference

by Teresa Acklin
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   Plans are now finalized for the Second East-West Feed Industry Conference and Exhibition. It will take place Sept. 7-10, 1993, in Budapest. The venue will be the Pesti Vigado Conference Center, located in the center of Pest, within meters of the Danube. A block of hotel rooms has been reserved, as well as boats for the river trip.

   The Hungarian Minister of Agriculture has kindly agreed to open the conference, which also will feature speakers who will discuss supply and demand opportunities and technology for quality and profit, including plant and equipment and livestock feeding. There will be papers prepared for the conference on joint ventures, banking and barter, contracts, arbitration and futures markets.

   The conference highlight will take place the afternoon of Sept. 8, when, under the chairmanship of Dr. Csaba Csaki (who is a professor of agricultural economics and an administrator at the World Bank in Washington) and our colleague, Steve Nemeth, as well as speakers from Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Rumania, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia and the Ukraine, will explain about the feed industries of their countries and the opportunities for trade. For additional information, contact: Roger Gilbert on fax 44 (O) 242 674032.