Brock forms distribution alliances

by Emily Wilson
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MILFORD, INDIANA, U.S. — Brock Manufacturing, a division of CTB, Inc., has signed an agreement establishing a strategic alliance to globally distribute bulk grain handling products manufactured by InterSystems, Inc., a division of Enduro Systems, Inc. based in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. Included in the agreement is a line of bucket elevators and drag conveyors for commercial use and exclusive rights to a new, jointly developed line of handling equipment for farm use.

Under this private label OEM arrangement, Brock will market InterSystems’ bucket elevators for bulk vertical movement of grain, its en-masse conveyors for horizontal and incline movement of grain, and various related accessory items. Brock will also have the distribution rights for a brand new line of bucket elevators and drag conveyors for on-farm use, which Brock developed jointly with InterSystems. Brock plans to sell the new on-farm equipment under the Harvest-Time name.

Brock intends to begin marketing the new lines of bucket elevators and drag conveyors immediately, in addition to its established line of products for the grain industry.

Brock has also entered an exclusive, strategic marketing alliance with Westfield Industries Ltd., a division of Ag Growth Industries, for the supply of Brock’s new Harvest-Time Farm-Duty Sweep and Bin Unloading Augers for conveying grain.

The initial product offering resulting from the alliance will focus primarily on bin unloading auger systems for use in large diameter on-farm storage structures. The products will be manufactured by Westfield in their facilities in Rosenort, Manitoba, Canada.