Bringing tradition, innovation to flour milling

by Emily Wilson
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Maschinen & Muhlenbau Wittenberg GmbH offers consultation, engineering, implementation and after-sales service. MMW also conducts feasibility studies; engineers plants with a range of capacities; provides systems for processing different raw materials in one plant; and consults on financial options, modernization projects and mill reconstruction.

MMW also offers training for the head miller and staff, focusing on laboratory, technology, mechanics, operation and electronic systems control. A maintenance and spare parts service contract is available.

MMW is continually involved in research and development, including improvements for the Challenge 2000 plus milling system and the use of flour for other purposes.

Dresdener Strasse 16
D-06886 Lutherstadt, Wittenburg, Germany
Tel: 49-34-9143-90
Fax: 49-34-9143-9385