Bratney, Cimbria chosen for new biodiesel plant

by Emily Buckley
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DES MOINES, IOWA, U.S. — Blue Sun Biodiesel, a producer and marketer of biodiesel fuel based in Ft. Collins, Colorado, U.S., has selected Bratney Companies of Des Moines and Cimbria Sket of Magdeburg, Germany, to provide engineering, technical and construction services for Blue Sun’s large-scale biodiesel plant under development in Colorado. The partnership of Blue Sun, Bratney and Cimbria will focus on achieving lower cost production of biodiesel fuel.

Jeff Probst, president and chief executive officer of Blue Sun Biodiesel, said biodiesel would play a vital role in the U.S. energy sector once costs are driven down.

"We see serving private sector needs for a low cost, reliable and locally available biodiesel as the best option to generate significant demand," Probst said. "We are pleased to add Bratney Companies and Cimbria Sket to our team to achieve this goal."

Cleaner burning, less polluting, and healthier for the environment, biodiesel adds lubricity to reduce wear on diesel engines while building a more self-reliant renewable energy and creating op-portunities for rural development.

The plant will use virgin canola oil and other vegetable oils as feedstock in the state-of-the-art continuous trans-esterfication design to produce ASTM D6751-02 fuel grade biodiesel with refined pharmaceutical grade glycerin as a co-product.

The project, with an estimated value of U.S.$29 million, is designed to include a cold-press oilseed-crushing module capable of sup-plying over half the feedstock oil needed by the plant. High protein livestock feed will be produced by the oilseed extraction module and sold to farmers or live-stock producers in the region.

Paul Bratney, president and chief executive officer of Bratney Companies, said he was pleased to be working in a leadership role with the biodiesel sector in the U.S., as well as with ethanol projects that provide much needed renewable energy.

"The renewable fuels sector will grow rapidly over the next decade and we fully understand the critical need for clean, environmentally friendly, renewable, and domestically produced fuel to power our nation in the 21st century," Bratney said. "We cannot wait and watch from the sideline. We must begin the journey now to build solutions for the future, for the environment and for the economy. Blue Sun Biodiesel is doing just that with this project, and we are pleased to be part of their team."

Cimbria Sket, a member of the Cimbria Group, and its engineers are leading designers and suppliers of biodiesel plants in Germany and are currently involved in several biodiesel projects with annual production of nearly 100 million gallons (380 million liters). As one of the pioneers of transesterfication in the biodiesel sector, Cimbria Sket is partnered to work with Bratney Companies in the supply of proven technology to biodiesel producers in the United States.

Bratney Companies is well known in the seed, feed and grain sectors as a quality supplier of engineering and construction services and has represented Cimbria in the U.S. for more than a decade.